We're dedicated to helping customers eat healthily and sustainably, regardless of their dietary requirements.


  • Increase sales of plant-based proteins to rebalance the ratio with animal protein.
  • Increase sales of healthy food and beverages in alignment with the government's healthy eating guidelines.
  • Increase sales of fruit and vegetables as a key indicator of the healthiness of our customer baskets.

Our approach

Poor diets in the UK harm both health and the environment - food and drink contribute 35% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. We recognise the significant and positive role in shifting consumers closer towards national dietary guidelines to improve their health and reduce the environmental impact of their shop. To support our mission, we have developed a four pillar strategy:

Reassuringly good value

Unbeatable choice

Convenient and easiest shop

Nudging and inspiring

Our campaigns and partnerships

We are committed to inspiring healthier choices and building stronger communities. Through our support of UK non-profit Veg Power and the Food Foundation's Peas Please campaigns including 'Eat them to defeat them', we encourage young children and adults to embrace vegetables.

Our charity partner, Community Shop, brings recipes to the community through Family Cook Clubs, promoting healthy cooking skills and fostering confidence in nutritious eating.

We believe that partnering with key nutrition and health stakeholders is critical to help us achieve our goals and provide us with objective feedback and council. We are participatory members of the British Retail Consortium's Nutrition Working Group and the IGD's Industry Nutrition Strategy Group. We are members of the British Nutrition Foundation, Anaphylaxis UK, WWF and Campden BRI.

Nutrient reduction

We are committed to achieve the government's nutrient reduction targets for our Own Range products where there is no compromise to product safety or quality. Eighty percent of Ocado Own Range eligible products are below the maximum 2024 salt target, and 100% meet the 2024 maximum calorie targets. For more information see Ocado Own Range Nutrition Factsheet.

“We urgently need British diets to shift towards more healthy and sustainable foods that are accessible for everyone. So it’s brilliant to see Ocado continuing to work towards their goals. Their work to promote fruit and veg, increase sales of plant based protein, and their continued support for the Peas Please programme are all commendable.”

We have a larger range of vegan and organic products than any other supermarket.

We are committed to the Food Foundation’s Veg pledge, to increase our Ocado Own Range fresh vegetables by 10% and ensure all the main meal recipes in our Ocado Life Magazine contain at least one portion of vegetables.

We offer a wide range of healthy, sustainable and affordable recipes to encourage and inspire our customers to cook.

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