We aim to promote a food system that benefits people and works in harmony with nature, whilst building more resilient supply chains.

Through responsible sourcing of ingredients and products, we can reduce our impact on the environment and society - and by extension, our customers' impact.

We aim to source food grown or produced using practices that work with nature. This includes conserving resources, protecting soil health and biodiversity, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and adopting agroecological techniques. Sustainable agriculture is integral to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

Our supply chain is complex and global. We don't own farms or factories, or purchase commodities directly, which makes our ability to control and influence the food system more limited. We aim to contribute to driving good sourcing practices in the wider industry by participating in industry initiatives and supply chain interventions, using market insights, technical expertise and funding to encourage the transformation we seek.

Action areas


We strive to protect and respect the livelihoods of all workers in our supply chain. That means paying a fair price to suppliers, supporting local communities, and ensuring good and safe working conditions for everyone in our business and supply chain.


We aim to eliminate deforestation and land conversion from our commodities' (soy, palm and timber) supply chain.

Sustainable agriculture

We work with farmers to protect biodiversity, soil health, conserve water and reduce farm-related greenhouse gas emissions whilst promoting ethical and economically viable practices.

Animal welfare

We protect the health and welfare of animals at all stages of our supply chains.


We strive to protect the health and welfare of fish stocks whilst promoting a healthy marine ecosystem.

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