We pledge to halve our Own Range packaging's environmental impact by 2030


Reduce and reuse

  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging, use the least material possible to preserve and protect the product, and by 2024 launch an online reuse system.


  • Increase the average recycled content of plastic by 30% by 2025
  • 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.


  • Integrate sustainable thinking into packaging design from the outset.

Our approach

Online packaging presents a unique opportunity as it doesn't require the same shelf presence as in-store packaging. We are actively redesigning our packaging strategies to prioritise sustainability while still fulfilling its essential role of protecting products and minimising food waste. Our focus is on innovative solutions that aim to prevent waste from being generated in the first place.





93% of Ocado Own Range packaging is recyclable.

Since 2021, we have removed 141 tonnes of Own Range packaging (September 2023).

We have eliminated 24.5 million unnecessary Own Range packaging components (September 2023).


  • Innovation of the Year Award - UK Packaging Awards 2023

  • The Grocer Innovation Award 2023

  • BRC Climate Action Roadmap 2023 winner - Changing Consumer Behaviour

Ocado Retail launched the world-first digital deposit return scheme (DDRS) pilot for milk bottles in partnership with Polytag. The nationwide trial was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing a digital deposit return scheme (DDRS) and assess how customers would engage with and adapt to a DDRS.

Smartphone scanning the QR code of a bottle of milk.

  • Finalist at the UK Packaging Awards 2023

  • Finalist at the Environmental Packaging Awards 2023

Ocado's new first to market format will see steaks double stacked, one on top of the other, which delivers the same amazing quality & freshness but uses 50% less plastic. This new format will help us to eliminate 8 tonnes of plastic packaging annually.

Smartphone scanning the QR code of a bottle of milk.

Rigid plastic of the Year Award - UK Packaging Awards 2022

Ocado Retail designed a compact online sandwich platter to perfectly fit in the reusable totes used for customer deliveries without compromising the product integrity and eliminating damages. The cut sandwiches were placed flat on the trays to maintain the freshness and extend life. The recyclable tray and lid used 100% post-consumer recycled PET and were designed for easy openability as well as tight closure eliminating tamper evident labels.

Finalist UK Packaging Awards 2021

The Ocado Own Brand apple range in a fully recyclable innovative linerless printed paper lid applied to a nested cardboard tray replaced the hard to recycle bubble wrap and label. This new technology gives the product the same protection, doubles packing speed and improves supplier production efficiency. The new pack eliminates nearly 12 tonnes of hard to recycle plastic annually and 1.2 million fewer labels avoiding unnecessary waste to landfill.

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